Creating the World's First
 Enlightenment Simulator

Mandala Metaverse is an upcoming cross-chain, cross-media franchise, combining NFTs with an AAA Unreal Engine MMO RPG + location-based AR mobile game, TV series, and graphic novel (Dark Horse Comics).

Imagine a metaverse that not only simulates the individual path to Enlightenment but the collective one too, alchemically marrying ancient time-tested wisdom and bleeding-edge technology to unleash the potential of human consciousness for good. Imagine a metaverse with a contemporary meta-narrative and story woven from the archive of world mythologies to help inspire the global awakening already afoot, in which the world becomes the game board and you become the hero, playing your part in creating a sustainable reality for future generations and the Earth, for real. Imagine, for a moment, a metaverse where fiction becomes reality.

Now you realize that the Mandala Metaverse is the world's first Enlightenment Simulator.

Welcome to the Mandala.



Starting with your “Sovren” metaverse identity, using cross-chain and secure DIDs, begin the journey into the meta of the metaverse. Choose how you will affect the outcome of the game, a battle for the consciousness of the planet and our minds, through sacred sites, ley-lines, and energetic pathways to enlightenment. The Clan Staking app will scale from staking, rewards, and leaderboards to a geolocation-based AR mobile game and full-fledged Unreal Engine MMO RPG with brainwave and VR components.

TV Series

Developed by Kevin J. Foxe, Executive Producer of The Blair Witch Project. As the Thirteen tell a story that unfolds around you and immerses you in the reality of the fictional narrative, you find yourself unsure of what is real. It overlaps with the MMO and AR mobile game, opening your understanding of the world around you, which may or may not be at all what you think it is, or even what the Thirteen think it is. This is the meta layer on the meta. What is real?

Graphic Novel

You have read Mandala, and maybe even some issues of Merkaba, stories that span timelines and dimensions. Perhaps you have already pierced  the veil of reality, and your imagination is free to explore what part you will play in the grand game that is afoot. “They” are not who we think “they” are, and We are more than WE think WE are… Are you following? Future issues will only take you farther down  the rabbit hole, so get on the Further bus, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

Sovereigns minting on Cardano. Primitive pixel art by the illustrious Hathor Bert (The Anubians).

Sovereigns offer the first chance to be reborn into the metaverse as a sovereign being. Like primitive art, pixel NFTs represent the first level of identity and evolution. 

Releasing on Ethereum, the Regens by Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Tony Millionaire (Maakies).

Season 1 live now!

Flipping Degens into Regens since the timeline fork of "Mandala Effect 2012," we are calling all Degens to join the Renaissance of NFTs -- the “‘Regenaissance.” Evolving into hand-drawn art, Regens are the next level.

Releasing on Polkadot, the Cryptonauts by concept artist and illustrator Bruce Zick (Dark Horse, Marvel, Mandala).

Season 1 live now!

In the past, navigators sailed the seven seas to the New World. Cryptonauts now navigate the Metaverse on the way to the New Earth. The Cryptonaut series evolves into 3D realism on our way to Unreal Engine avatars.


Stake your Mandala NFTs to get access to collector editions of Merkaba (available now!) and Mandala comics (available soon) by Dark Horse Comics.

MANDALA is written by Stuart Moore, former editor at Vertigo. Writer of EGOsWolverine NoirX-Men OriginsSpider-Man, and Zodiac (with Stan Lee).

Staking and claiming through the Mandala Clan App.


Mandala NFTs will have utility in staking through our Mandala Clan Staking app, access to Discord channels, future game privileges, powers, secret links to rabbit holes with hidden treasures, and community access, through clans and forming alliances, as well as exclusive tiered content. Staking multipliers are offered through our Mandala Clan Staking app in DeFi gaming with social and strategic narrative-based play. Clan affiliation creates outreach, onboarding new users to crypto and across chains, builds community, and drives real-world change through community-driven missions.

Mandala NFTs have DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) providing sovereign identity for the Mandala Metaverse and beyond, through wallet functionality, tracking staking and future points (e.g., tokens), as well as utility and partnership affiliations.

Discover who you will be in the Metaverse!

Exit the Matrix
Enter the Mandala





Spider Clan, The Thirteen

Kevin J. Foxe

Exec Producer (The Blair Witch Project, Mandala)

Bert tha Farmer


Johnny Shekinah

Founder and CEO

Consigliere to The Thirteen


Community Leader

Tony Millionaire


Albion Moonlight

Founder and CCO

Amanuensis for The Thirteen


Code Freak

Bruce Zick



As with all journeys into the Great Unknown, landmarks and coordinates are subject to change
as cosmic and earthly forces reveal hidden bends in the roads.
Yet, one thing is for certain—all roads lead to the Sacrifice—so come prepared…


  • NFTs with Sovereign Decentralized IDs (DIDs) across Ethereum, Cardano and Polkadot
  • Clan Staking app on Ethereum, Cardano and Polkadot
  • Staking multiples in DeFi gaming with social and strategic narrative-based play
  • Clan missions, quests, leaderboards and rewards
  • Gated clan content in Discord

Q1/2 2024

  • NPC AI auction with SingularityNet
  • AR components in Clan Staking app, world-mapping (geolocation-based)
  • Unreal Engine ARG content
  • Early-stage Web3 Unreal Engine content development for MMO RPG with game partners

Q3/4 2024

  • Television series production development with Executive Producer Kevin J. Foxe (The Blair Witch Project) 
  • More comics and graphic novels through Dark Horse 
  • More to be revealed soon...

All roads lead to
 the sacrifice