Featuring the art of Tony Millionaire, the creator of Drinky Crow (Adult Swim, Saturday Night Live) and Sock Monkey (Dark Horse Comics), the Mandala Regens collection (24K PFPs) has multidimensional utility in the Mandala Metaverse: Enlightenment Simulator.

Genesis free mint = 1K (Ethereum)


Season 1 drop = 3,755 (Ethereum)


Calling all Degens to become Regens and join the Renaissance of NFTs—the “Regenaissance”!

Exit the Matrix
Enter the Mandala

Tony Millionaire was born in Boston and grew up in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He attended the Massachusetts College of Art for three and three quarters of a year.

Tony writes and draws the ongoing adventures of Sock Monkey, published by Dark Horse Comics since 1998. He is the creator of the syndicated comic strip, Maakies, which has run in weekly newspapers across the country since 1994 and has been collected by Fantagraphics, who also published his graphic novels, Billy Hazelnuts and Billy Hazelnuts and the Crazy Bird.

Tony’s work has garnered him five Eisner Awards, three Harvey Awards, and an Ignatz Award. His comic strip Maakies was adapted to the small screen in 1998 for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and in 2008 as THE DRINKY CROW SHOW for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, which is now in repeats and available at www.adultswim.com.

His illustrations appear in publications around the globe including THE BELIEVER, THE NEW YORKER and THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, and he illustrated many record covers including THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS “Then; The Earlier Years,” and ELVIS COSTELLO’S “Secret, Profane and Sugarcane,” as well as ELVIS COSTELLO’S “National Ransom,” released in November 2010.





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